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Push-back concept racks

CAMRACK push-back concept racks make it possible to manage inventory from a single aisle. This inspired solution allows for the storage of different products on each level while providing easy, direct, and visual access to SKUs. This storage option is ideal for the automated replenishment of reserve stock.

The operation is simple. A pallet is loaded on the first cart bed. Loading of the second pallet automatically pushes the first load onto the second cart bed, and so on with the following loads. Upon unloading, the operation is reversed; as loads are removed, all loads are progressively brought towards the aisle.

Stock rotation with this system is much like that of the drive-in system, i.e. first-in-last-out. However, the system enables different products to be stored on each level and significantly facilitates unloading from the aisle.  

Given the multiple benefits of push-back racking systems, it’s no surprise that many companies opt for this storage solution.

Push-back concept racks