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Pallet flow racks

Innovative, inventive and highly efficient, CAMRACK pallet flow rack storage systems will provide optimal utilization of your storage footprint, accommodating a wide range of stock and driving excellent productivity in your warehouse.

The shelving, which is slightly angled, is made up of roller tracks, with the pallets moving from point of entrance to point of discharge simply through the force of gravity. This first-in-first-out system promotes excellent stock rotation while providing you with additional floor space that would otherwise be taken up by lift trucks. Our units are available in multi-levels and in single or double bays and are able to accommodate multiple pallet depths.  

With its robust structure, this system is highly resistant to abuse and can accommodate heavy loads. It is ideal for companies with high picking activity and is particularly suited to the storage of perishable goods, such as food and pharmaceutical products.

Pallet flow racks