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Mezzanines and catwalks

Their versatility and extreme stability make CAMRACK mezzanines a cost-effective solution if you are seeking to maximize your floor area and optimize your operating space. Adaptable to a wide range of layouts and uses, a mezzanine may even help you avoid the high cost of new construction.

Based on the layout and application you choose, our mezzanines can be designed to accommodate heavy loads. They will enable you to add the extra shelving you need to meet your operational requirements.

In addition to their use as additional storage space, CAMRACK mezzanines can be used to install office space or wire mesh partitions, as catwalks between rows of shelving, or simply as a dedicated area for diverse work tasks. A wide choice of flooring options, stairways, ramps, curbs and gates are available to add to the functionality of these made-to-measure solutions.

We would be pleased to support you in the planning steps leading up to your project.