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Our company

Founded in 1998 by Robert Déragon, CAMRACK designs and constructs warehousing and pallet racking systems that have earned their place among the most efficient, durable and innovative in the industry.

Our business clientele come from a wide variety of sectors and industries, which has enabled our teams to gain in-depth knowledge of the management and storage issues faced by many types of businesses. As a result, we fully understand and take into account all aspects of each mandate entrusted to us.

Driven to the forefront of the industry through our innovation, excellent service, and range of warehousing and storage options, CAMRACK is proud to offer the best customer support in the business.

Our reputation for inventiveness, sound judgment, integrity, and, above all, the speed and precision of our work are propelling the enviable growth of our company.

Depend on a team with the expertise you need. You’ll be glad you did.