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Drive-in / drive-thru static pallet racks

CAMRACK static pallet racks allow for ultra high-density storage within a minimum storage footprint. As such, they offer cost-effective flexibility and high efficiency for warehouse and distribution centre managers whose primary objective is to maximize the use of floor space with a minimum of aisles. Lift trucks can enter the structure to load or unload inventory. Two different configurations are available: drive-in and drive-thru.

The CAMRACK drive-in racking system provides high-density storage when the selection of items is limited. Because the system works on a first-in-last-out basis, this type of solution is preferable for storing items that do not deteriorate over time or whose rotation rate is high.  

The CAMRACK drive-thru racking system is similar to the drive-in option, but its configuration provides access to inventory from the front and back of the structure, which provides flexibility and facilitates stock rotation.

Drive-in / drive-thru static pallet racks