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Static accumulation pallet rack

Static storage racks offer a very high density of storage in a minimum of space. They are versatile and offer great efficiency to warehouses and distribution centers that want to maximize the use of their floor space. Forklifts are able to penetrate the structure to load or unload merchandise.

How it works

The drive-in storage system has one entrance and allows for high density storage, but limited handling. Since the first load in is the last load out, this racking system is ideal for products that do not deteriorate over time or when inventory is rotated on a regular basis.


The stub
Guide rail

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The upright is essential to any type of racking system. This welded or bolted assembly is offered in 13 – 14 Ga. Several upright designs and profiles are available: welded, bolted, structural or tear drop.

The beam is the centerpiece for pallet support and can be adapted to your different needs in terms of length and capacity. It is offered in two types of 14 GA profiles; rectangular (Box Beam) and with shoulders (Roll Step Beam). These beams are manufactured to be compatible with either the Camrack system (the Canadian Standard) or the Tear Drop system (the USA Standards).

The spacer is used to connect two rows of racking systems, in order to increase their stability. Installing spacer is very quick, it also ensures optimal clearance between two palettized loads that are stored back-to-back and improves the ratio of stability of the racking system.

The purpose of the protector is to protect the upright from any direct impact that may occur from a lift operator. It helps avoiding future repair costs that would have been required without the use of a protector. Protectors are available in a variety of models, depending on your needs. Feel free to contact us anytime to evaluate the circulation flow of your lift truck operators to determine which protector could suit you best! 

The rail allows the storage of pallets in a drive-in system. It is made primarily of 3″ x 3″ x ¼” angle iron.

The stub is an assembly of hooks and angle iron that directly support the rail. It is manufactured in several models to suit your different storage needs.

The rail guide provides excellent protection in a drive-in system. It is attached to the ladders and prevents the forklift from coming into contact with the ladders. The rail guide is offered in two models according to our recommendations.

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