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An efficient and safe installation

Our teams at Camrack are responsible for the installation of pallet racks and racking. Our installers are familiar with all the standards required to perform this work and have the knowledge and experience to ensure flawless technical execution. If the installation plans have been designed by a third party, they must first be evaluated and authorized by Camrack before the products are installed.

As safety is a priority at Camrack, any modifications to the racking (configuration, movement, loads, etc.) not included in the original layout plans must be submitted to us for evaluation prior to any subsequent work being performed.

For each of our pallet racking systems, load rating plates are installed in several places so that they are clearly visible and can be consulted without difficulty by the handling personnel. We indicate the maximum load per compartment (load that can be placed on two beams) and the total load that can be supported by a bay. The customer is responsible for adhering to these specifications.

No changes can be made to the load rating of Camrack pallet racks unless approved by one of our engineers.

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