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Camrack selective pallet racking is available in single or double deep.

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A single deep configuration allows you to easily store your merchandise. This type of racking is the most cost-efficient solution and is the easiest system to install. This type of configuration simplifies palettized product storing and makes the handling of a variety of your products more effective and efficient. Our expertise in the material handling field allows us to manufacture a safe and turnkey system. Single deep pallet racks are available in all sizes and load capacities to suit your storage needs.

Camrack - Système d'Entreposage rouge et Bleu rempli

A double deep configuration consists of adding a second row of pallet racking, thus significantly increasing the density of possible storage. The access to the palletized merchandise that is stored at the back row of the racking is less direct. Camrack recommends that this storage system solution would be optimal for a company with an unlimited variety of products or whose inventory is handled less frequently. Double-deep pallet racks are available in all sizes and load capacities to match your storage needs.


The safety bar
Wire Mesh
End of Aisle Iron Angle Protector
Drop-in Pannel
Post Stopper
Back Fencing

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The upright is essential to any type of racking system. This welded or bolted assembly is offered in 13 – 14 Ga. Several upright designs and profiles are available: welded, bolted, structural or tear drop.

The beam is the centerpiece for pallet support and can be adapted to your different needs in terms of length and capacity. It is offered in two types of 14 GA profiles; rectangular (Box Beam) and with shoulders (Roll Step Beam). These beams are manufactured to be compatible with either the Camrack system (the Canadian Standard) or the Tear Drop system (the USA Standards).

The safety bar is placed between two beams to ensure a complete and safe seating of the pallets. It is offered in 12 Gage steel profile and we offer several models: universal, clip-on and welded. In most cases, Camrack recommends using two safety bars per pallet position.

The spacer is used to connect two rows of racking systems, in order to increase their stability. Installing spacer is very quick, it also ensures optimal clearance between two palettized loads that are stored back-to-back and improves the ratio of stability of the racking system.

The purpose of the protector is to protect the upright from any direct impact that may occur from a lift operator. It helps avoiding future repair costs that would have been required without the use of a protector. Protectors are available in a variety of models, depending on your needs. Feel free to contact us anytime to evaluate the circulation flow of your lift truck operators to determine which protector could suit you best!

The end-of-aisle protector ensures that the side of a racking section is covered and protected from forklift impacts. In most cases, Camrack recommends installing 4″ x 6″ x 5/16″ iron angles with both ends tapered at the end of an aisle of any racking section, in order to allow a smoother flow of movement and achieve optimum protection.

The purpose of the post stopper is to prevent the pallet from tipping or falling over at the back of the pallet rack when handling the palettized merchandise. Several recesses are available based on our recommendations. In order to install the Post Stopper, offset support brackets will have to be supplied to make sure the Post Stopper is properly fixed on the racking structure.

Back Fencing serves as anti fall protection and prevent small boxes or other unwrapped items from falling from a racking structure. Several recesses are available according to our recommendations. In order to install the Back Fencing, offset support brackets will have to be supplied to make sure the Back Fencing is properly fixed on the racking structure.

The wire mesh offers the possibility to store smaller boxes and has in most cases a standard capacity of 2,500 lbs, uniformly distributed load. The mesh is 2″ x 4″ x 0.2″ (industry standard). Several models and sizes of Wire Mesh are available, depending on your needs.

The Drop-in Pannel covers the whole storage level which makes possible storing all kinds of small and loose parts. Each Drop-in Pannel is made out of 6″ wide steel profile and is offered in many different lengths. The Drop-in Pannel becomes a fully filled shelf with a very nice finish.

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