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A storage solution that meets your needs

Distribution centers and companies providing warehousing and handling services must ensure the rigorous management of their inventory, equipment and material resources. At Camrack, we understand these issues very well and that is why our experts can accompany you with rigor, professionalism and speed in the development of a storage solution that meets your needs.

To better understand your situation, several elements must be taken into account. In particular, the characteristics of your building, the floor, the location of support columns, the type of merchandise to be stored and the management of these stocks must be studied. Then, Camrack can accompany you in all the stages of your project, from its evaluation to the complete realization.

Whether you need to design an entire warehouse or simply plan the modification of an existing space, our experts are motivated to develop storage solutions that will simplify your life, reduce your costs and increase your productivity. 

Contact us today to discuss your challenges, issues and needs so we can begin designing your storage system.

Our promise

All our pallet racks are designed in accordance with the Canadian Standards Association (CSA A344.2 / A344.1) standards for the design, manufacture and installation of pallet racks.

The design, manufacturing and installation of Camrack’s pallet racks reflect the orientations retained by the CNESST as published in the prevention guide “Safety of Pallet Racks”.

Our team of designers, draftsmen and engineers, to whom we entrust each project, ensures that the layout of your premises complies with your prerogatives and the particularities of your buildings. Each project is developed with the goal of optimizing the efficiency of your business and adequately meeting your needs.

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